Card Decks

Configurable card decks in your pocket.

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Card Decks is a small utility application for your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad which brings you simple, configurable, colored, multi-line text cards that are grouped into card decks.


A card deck can be used to show your vote or estimation on a certain topic in a meeting, e.g. in a planning meeting used in agile software development methods like Scrum or Extreme Programming. If the pre-configured cards don't fit your needs, just extend the existing cards or build your own set of cards, e.g. including special estimation numbers like "Pi" or "?". Or, if you are the chair of a session on a conference, you can use a card deck to remind a speaker of the remaining time for the presentation. Or, just use your cards to show your opinion, argument, or mood, in a simple, non-verbal way. Or, use the shuffle feature to randomly select a task from a card deck with tasks, or randomly assign tasks to students, team members, etc.


Card Decks contains some pre-configured card decks with voting cards, simple colored cards, cards with numbers, colored cards which show remaining minutes, etc.

Individual card decks can be created with the built-in editor.


Each card in a card deck can be configured with a display time. This way, you can build your own countdown timer with individual numbers, texts, reminders, etc. Example timers for 15 and 60 minutes are pre-configured.


Card Decks supports sending and receiving card decks via e-mail, Twitter, AirDrop, etc. for sharing your card decks with your friends or colleagues. Sharing is handled via the Card Decks URL scheme.


Found a bug? Missing a feature? Drop a line to, or create an issue on GitHub, or fork and contribute.


Card Decks is available as a free application in the App Store.

Card Decks is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2009-2014 Arne Harren,, @aharren.